Each piece I design has a story.

Black coral is organic, beautiful and rare. Cultivated in warm sea waters, it has carried throughout the ages magical properties; used for centuries as an amulet, a talisman worn for wisdom, a prayer bead, or an ornament.

Today, black coral is protected, only existing beads can be purchased or traded. These beads are black with a hint of gold, or exquisitely crafted in intricate designs, studded in tiny silver nails, or inlaid with bone and abalone shell. As the Red Sea has been depleted of coral over the centuries, these beads are over a hundred years old. I find them in the oriental bazaars of Sanaa, Nairobi, Cairo, Esphahan, Istanbul – they are unique. I design necklaces, bracelets and earrings with these beads, often complemented with antique silver or gold beads.

I also collect old coins: Roman, Greek, Byzantine, African, Mexican. These coins are set in sterling silver as necklaces, rings, or cuff bracelets. Some designs are inspired by butterflies, ferns, leaves, and the straw mats of the Kuba African tribe. I work with artisans in the silver mining town of Taxco in Mexico.


A selection of Krystyne Griffin’s
jewellery collection is sold exclusively at
The Gardiner Museum Shop
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tel: 416 408 5066